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Sun Bingo Review

Sun Bingo

  • First Deposit: 100% Bingo Bonus
  • Free: £25 Cash match
  • Promotion: £1,000 Guaranteed Full Houses - every night at 9pm
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Sun Bingo is a real money online UK bingo site, meaning that there is no free play on Sun Bingo; it is a real money bingo site only. So far, over £130 Million has been won by players at the Sun Bingo site, and that is nothing to scoff at. A game at Sun Bingo can be had cheaply and easily. The minimum cost for a game is 10p for 75-ball and 25p for 80 ball. Sun Bingo is a popular site that has been around for years now and has been known for its good games and great customer service. Sun Bingo will offer new members a £10 match on a £10 deposit. The minimum deposit is £10, and the minimum withdrawal at Sun Bingo is £10 via check, credit or debit card.

At any one time on Sun Bingo there can be up to 1000 players. The biggest jackpot ever won on Sun Bingo's site was won by Sara Cox from the West Midlands, who took in a massive haul of £40,000! Of course Sun Bingo also includes interactive chat with the other bingo players during the game and offers 30 different chat rooms. Sun Bingo is another flash based bingo site, so no downloading is required. There are different numbers of maximum ticket amounts that can be purchased for the online bingo games at Sun Bingo. Lord Bingo will save you some time and provide them for you now:

Bingo 90 - You may purchase up to 4 strips (24 tickets in any one game)
Bingo 80 - You can purchase 4 boards on each game
Bingo 75 - You can purchase 12 tickets on each game
Cinco - You can purchase 5 hands on each game

Overall, Sun Bingo is a traditional and simple online bingo hall for real money, and you will get what you see and not be disappointed.