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Amuso Bingo

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Greetings again, loyal subjects! My proclamation for today is to play Amuso Bingo. Why? I will tell you. It's a knightly site with kingly aspirations. Good thing I am the Lord of Bingo, otherwise they could steal my title! For the bingo player who desires a quality site and thrives on the decadence of being entertained, Amuso shall be the perfect match. It is a mere pittance, but Amuso online game shows make all the difference for me and I am sure it shall for you.

Amuso Bingo is bingo at its finest, providing many games each day to court the distinguished bingo player. For these players, payouts are important too and I'm happy to say that Amuso pays a king's ransom each week! (Luckily, not my ransom!) On top of this, the payouts for the ever amusing Amuso online game shows, such as the current game based on BBC's Weakest Link could almost buy one of my royal items. The game itself challenges my regal mind and while this voting thing is new to me, I found the process of deciding who to vote for, an enjoyable experience.

Amuso makes sure to help those who join by rewarding their choice of joining and depositing with up to £100 by 100% matching the first deposit. For those who do not want to commit or simply have the budget of a pauper, Amuso will give new members a free £5 just for joining with no restrictions! A strong bingo player could become a prince among men with some luck and the skill to win some of the generous jackpots Amuso pays out. The top monthly jackpots often eclipse £3,000 and it is not uncommon to see many payouts each month that top £1,000 each.

Come and have a jolly good time at AmusoBingo with me, or consider viewing some of the other bingo reviews!

1:48 pm Sep 16, 2014