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Plenty More Bingo

Bonus: £5 Free Promo: £5 Free

Ladies and gentleman it is my supreme pleasure to announce to you my findings at the auspicious site Plenty More Bingo. This game of chance is exceedingly popular amongst the townsfolk and for those who enjoy such endeavours Plenty More Bingo is a favourable choice. They have a delightful array of Chat Masters, helpful chaps whose job it is to assist you with getting started on the site.

To entice people even further Plenty More Bingo has established gaming promotions such as £5 free to try the games and a 100% matching bonus up to £250 for your first deposit of coin. PlentyMore Bingo prizes and jackpots available that may help turn commoners into royalty. They have daily jackpots plus two special, ones that my subjects will find exceedingly appealing.

Piggy Bank Jackpot will award £1,000 if you get a full house within forty calls. Their Cash Cow Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that continues to build in wealth until some lucky chap wins it by reaching a full house in under thirty balls. While difficult to achieve, if someone is lucky enough to win, their status will certainly be improved.

Team games of chance are available with Team Bingo, a means by which people may come together to compete against other teams. When chatting amongst the groups in one of the chat rooms, games are often played with over £100 in prizes awarded daily.

It is my learned opinion that the lords and ladies at Plenty More Bingo have put together a fun site that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone. I highly recommend this site to all my subjects and encourage all to visit and take advantage of their special promotions. Get started today and join me in playing this fun game of chance amongst interesting people.

12:08 pm Jul 31, 2014