WTG Bingo

WTG Bingo

Bonus: 300% Bingo Bonus Promo: £20 Free

Today the royal courier delivered a missive to me from court informing me of some lofty specials at WTG Bingo that he thought I should investigate for myself. After traversing to WTGBingo and perusing the sight I found that indeed there are many reasons to stay and entertain oneself. I felt it my royal duty to spread the word to the townspeople so they too may enjoy the amusements found at WTG Bingo.

Some of the amazingly lucrative deals they are running include up to 500% bonus when you deposit $200 or more into the coffers. I was also delighted to see an event fit for people of my status. Ladies and gentlemen I am certain that you too, will enjoy their Royal Monday Gala Event. Mere Lords and Ladies will be treaded like Kings and Queens. As you play the “Crown” game, if you win you will be entered into a drawing. Ten fortunate souls will win £200 each week.

In addition to the Monday festivities, there is a promotion that occurs every day of the week. Plus, there are monthly specials that change at onset of a new month. For those ladies and gentlemen new to this site, the WTGBingo chaps extend their hospitality by offering £20 free as a sign up bonus, as well as a 300% welcome bonus.

Their hospitality abounds though, as the hosts and hostesses in the various chat rooms are there to greet you, discuss news of the day and coordinate games throughout the day and night for a chance to win cash and prizes. My dear subjects, I am thrilled at the news regarding WTG Bingo and encourage all to join me in the festivities at this site. You can indulge in games of chance and hold court in one of the many chat rooms while having the opportunity to win treasures fit for a King.

Come with me for a marvellous adventure at WTGBingo and remember to peruse our other jolly bingo reviews!

3:01 pm Sep 16, 2014