6 Card Bingo

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6 Card Bingo

  • £10K Star Prize
  • Loads of Fun
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How to Play 6 Card Bingo

Step 1 – Select your stake, this can be as little as 50p, or as much as £50 per game.

Step 2 – Press Play. 6 Card Bingo will now be playing and the aim of the game is to bingo on one of your six 90 ball bingo cards in 85 calls or under, to win a cash prize. The quicker you manage to do this, the bigger the cash prize you can walk away with at the end of the game. If you are short on time, or just want to speed up the game, then simply click on the ‘Turbo On' button and you will be able to speed up the call numbers… Hang on to your hats though, this is for speed freaks only!

6 Card Bingo Game Review

We have had a fair few debates in the Lord Bingo office about what type of game 6 Card Bingo actually is, with some staff members saying that it is a free bingo game and others insisting that it is an instant game. However, after much debating we came to the conclusion that it is actually an instant game that has a unique bingo twist.

We expect you want to know what the bingo twist is. Well, 6 Card Bingo has I decided to go in a very unusual direction and have based their game around coverall bingo. With coverall bingo games you need to daub all fifteen of your bingo numbers as quickly as possible, then once the call numbers have gone past a certain amount the prize money will start to fall. In this case once the call number has gone past 35 calls you will no longer be able to win the star prize of £10,000. The amount of money that is up for grabs after this call number depends on how much money you have decided to stake. There is a prize table up on 6 Card Bingo, which shows you the different cash prizes available to be won, keep an eye on it and you will notice that the lower cash prizes change when you flick through the different stakes.

If you are wondering why you wouldn't just play a normal coverall bingo game, well the benefit of playing 6 Card Bingo is that it is a single player game; therefore, you are not in competition with any other players for the cash prizes. Don't take our word for it though, check it out for yourself.

10:57 am Aug 12, 2014