Aces High Hi Lo

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Aces High Hi Lo

  • £100 Max Stake
  • Awesome Graphics
  • Mega Bonuses Available
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How to Play Aces High Hi Lo

Step 1 – Select how much money you would like to stake on Aces High by clicking on the arrows on the left hand side of the screen. The minimum amount you can stake per instant game is 50p and the maximum is £100.

Step 2 – Select a ‘Start Card' by pressing on the arrows that say ‘Higher', or ‘Lower'. Please bear in mind that Aces are high in Aces High. You can also still choose to change your stake at this point.

Step 3 – Click on The Green ‘Start' button that is located in the middle of the deck of cards. Once you have done this you will not be able to change your instant game stake.

Step 4 – You now have to predict if you think the next card will be higher, lower or the same as the card that is currently showing. Make your prediction by clicking on the corresponding button. If you guess correctly you can either choose to ‘Collect' your winnings, or to stake them on the next card/spin.

Step 5 – The instant game ends if you choose to collect your money, if you guess incorrectly or if you make it to the final 10th spin.

Aces High Hi Lo Game Review

Aces High is an accumulator game that uses a deck of cards; the game is easy enough to play, as players basically have to predict if they think the next card will be higher, lower or the same. The amount of money paid out depends on the odds of the card being higher, lower or the same. For example: If the card is a King you would get odds of 1.16 for guessing correctly that the next card was lower, odds of 12.00 for it being higher or 12.00 for it being the same. This means that if you made a 50p stake and guessed correctly that the next card was lower, then you would win 58p (0.50 x 1.16). The instant game very cleverly tells you the stake for each card and how much money you could win before each spin.

You can also pick up some bonuses whilst playing Aces High Hi Lo. If you manage to guess three cards in a row correctly then you will walk away with a 5% bonus. If you make it to 6 spins you will receive a 10% bonus and if you get all the way to 10 correct spins, then you will receive a 25% bonus.

10:45 am Aug 12, 2014