Bejeweled Slots

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Bejeweled Slots

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How to Play Bejeweled Slots

For starters, with regard to the game's difficulty, I would say the game is very easy. The game begins after you choose the amount of betting areas (pay lines) you wish to play with. To enjoy the game to its maximum, you will need to ensure that the coin denomination you select fits the budget you have in mind for wagering. Thereafter, using your mouse, press the button spin and the button will spin the five slot reels.

When a multi-colored jewel appears on the screen it means that you have higher chances of winning as the game progresses. Whenever, a player wins one pay line or more, the jewels that were part of the pay line that won are excluded from the game area of the Bejeweled slot game. Immediately thereafter, all winning combinations are removed from the play area, the Bejeweled slot game screen is re-created with a new set of jewels that again begin falling down and thus filling the empty spaces.

Tips for winning the Bejeweled Slot game

Swap gems that are close to one another in clusters of three or more to get 250 points. When you erase the gems which match, your score can double only if you erase more gems as soon as they appear on screen while still clearing the initial matching gems. 250 points are earned if a player gets to knock off three reds gems that match. However if while clearing the three red matching gems you get 500 points, you need to clear the three blue gems that appear thereafter.

Bejeweled Slots Game Review

The Bejeweled slot game is a web based betting edition of the well-liked game which goes by the by the same name. The games main endeavor is for the player to have as many sets of matching jewels as they can on the games pay lines in order to make higher payouts. The Bejeweled slot machine game offers the gamers a wild jewel which alternates between all the other jewels on the play-line slots as well as bonus payouts for special pay-lines completed together with jewels that are falling. The falling jewels allow players to continue the game for a long time so that Lady Luck will smile on them.

8:26 am Oct 5, 2014