Big Break Scratch Cards

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Big Break Scratch Cards

  • No Limit Game Play
  • Tropical Theme
  • Up to 100K Jackpot
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How to Play Big Break Scratch Cards

Step 1: Select how much you'd like your Big Break Scratch Card to be worth, the bet must be between 0.50 a card, up to 10.00 a card.

Step 2: Click on each icon to scratch it away and reveal what hides behind each one.

Step 3: Collecting three of an icon will result in a pay day for you, a pay table will reveal which icons are worth what.

Big Break Scratch Cards Game Review

The Big Break Scratch Cards are based on a slot machine of the same name. This spin-off scratch card is virtually identical to the real thing you can pick up down your local shops or betting outlets and acts in
exactly the same way.

As far as colouration and theme for the scratch cards go, Big Break Scratch Cards is nicely designed enough, with imaginative icons used and hidden behind the seals, and a tropical theme present throughout the
scratch card game.

There is no limit to the amount of Big Break Scratch Cards you can play. If one doesn't turn up trumps for you, just buy another card and give it another go. The probability of landing a huge jackpot is only slightly higher than in the real-life version, though that shouldn't discourage you if scratch cards are your cup of tea.

Big Break Scratch Cards are ideal for gamers in a rush, or for those gamblers who don't take a shining to fancy, complicated gambling games full of bonuses and stipulations. The jackpot on offer is up to 100,000 so they are certainly worth a pop.

There are also several prizes that can be won in Big Break Scratch Cards, ranging from two times your original bet, up to ten thousands times your original wager, each prize has its own icon so you'll definitely want to consult the pay-table whilst playing. Good luck!

8:57 am Aug 10, 2014