Blankety Blank

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Blankety Blank

  • Classic TV game show theme
  • Highly Realistic Graphics
  • Win 5 Free Games
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How to Play Blankety Blank slots

Blankety Blank slot machine is a realistic take on the classic TV game show. It is an extraordinary 25 pay line, 5 reel machine. Before betting for real Lord bingo offers you the opportunity to try the game by playing for fun with £1,000. Players should be directed to the payable which features on the bottom right hand side of the screen which highlights the many different combinations for a win and its worth.

Step 1 – To begin play spin the reels using the play button located on the bottom right hand side of the screen. You are able to increase and decrease the amount of a bet by using the plus and minus buttons. Minimum bets made are 5p and maximum is £5. Additionally you are able to choose the amount of lines you want to bet too. Maximum line bets are up to 25 and minimum is one. Your total bet is the number of lines multiplied by your bet. Therefore is you choose to spin 5 lines and your bet is £1, your total stake is 5 x 1 = £5.

Step 2 – The Blankety Blank feature is awarded when all scattered symbols B, L, A, N and K appear in a spin at the same time. Activating this feature takes you to the game show where 6 panelists will appear along with your question and 5 possible words to choose from. If you choose your word that matches with one or more of the panelists you will be awarded 5 FREE games per match. Once your free games are played, the Super match game will then begin.

Blankety Blank slots Game Review

Blankety Blank slot machine is an easy to use and easy to navigate online version of the classic hit TV game show. The audio and graphics are highly realistic, whilst the panelists in the bonus feature bring out your competitive side in winning the free games and win big.

1:55 pm Aug 11, 2014