Captain Cannons

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Captain Cannons

  • Caravan round bonuses
  • In-game reel bonuses
  • Main event bonuses

Captain Cannons Jackpot Slots Screenshot

How to Play Captain Cannons Jackpot Slots

Step 1 – Wagers on Captain Cannon's Circus Slots can be placed by clicking on the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease your bet from between 25p and £250.

Step 2 – You cannot change the amount of activate pay lines in Captain Cannon's Circus Slots. Your wager is balanced evenly among twenty five pay-lines.

Step 3 – When you are ready to play, you can click the green spin button. Or click auto-play to have the same wager placed on every spin.

Captain Cannons Jackpot Slots Game Review

Captain Cannon's Circus slot machine is very loosely based around a circus and big top theme, and as such the layout of the game and colour schemes are designed accordingly. The five reels of the game also incorporate symbols and icons to represent this theme.

The Captain Cannon's Circus game features all the usual number and letter card icons, as well as more circus related symbols included a host, a ball balancing seal, an Evel Knievel look-alike and many more. Winning combinations will need to be formed of three or more matching symbols. Pay attention to the lights at the bottom of the reels, if they all light up, you've got yourself a bonus round.

In Captain Cannon's Circus Slots, there are three types of bonus rounds on offer. They are briefly, in-game reel bonuses, caravan round bonuses, and main event bonuses. The in-game bonuses add additional wild cards to the reels to enhance your prize, whilst the caravan round bonuses act as a small mini-game multiplying your original win. The main event bonus round, is what you'll need to win the progressive jackpot. Each of the three types of bonus rounds, have three mini-games in them. You can never be sure exactly what type of game you're going to receive.

12:09 pm Aug 10, 2014