Cleopatra Slots

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Cleopatra Slots

  • 25 Pay Lines
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How to Play Cleopatra Slots

Step 1 – To place your bet on Cleopatra Slots, simply click on the lines bet button to increase or decrease your bet per line. Your bet can vary between 0.05p to £1 per line.

Step 2 – There a total of 25 pay lines available to you in Cleopatra Slots. You can change how many you wish to activated during your game by selecting the lines button to the bottom left of the screen and increasing or decreasing it between 1 and 25 lines.

Step 3 – There is only one button you'll need to hit when you're ready to start. The play button. Anything you win will be highlighted across its respective pay line, so you'll instantly if you are in the money…or not.

Cleopatra Slots Game Review

Cleopatra Slot machine is a cartoon styled slot based on the great and tragic tale of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, which even in this day and age, still captures the imagination of children and adults alike. This bingo game, however is entirely for adults, with its 25 pay lines raring to go for good gaming action!

Like other Egyptian Cleopatra slot games, this version has reels which depict several symbols most of us would associate with Ancient Egypt, if not Cleopatra herself. Among them are the cartouche, the lotus leaf, a scarab beetle, the flail and crook, the sphinx, the eye of Ra, and lesser non-antiquities such as numbers 9 and 10, letters K, Q, A and a blue pharaoh's beard in the shape of J. In essence, the highest playing cards!

The pay table in Cleopatra slots shows that in order to win the jackpot, you'll need to have five Cleopatra logos, along with all of the pay lines and the maximum bet placed. Other winning combinations of lesser value however, include any number of logos, lotus leafs, scarab beetles and cartouches.


8:01 am Oct 5, 2014