Cool Bananas Slots

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Cool Bananas Slots

  • 25 Pay Lines
  • Funny Banana Theme
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How to Play Cool Bananas slots

Step 1 – Select how much money you would like to bet per pay line. The minimum amount you can bet per line is 5p and the maximum is £10. Once you have decided how much money you would like to fork out per line, you will need to decide how many lines you would like to play for, this can be between 1 and 25 lines. So for example, if you wager 5p on all 25 lines it will cost you £1.25 per spin.

Step 2 – Double check your ‘Total Bet' and press the Cool Bananas Slots ‘Spin' button.

Step 3 – The Cool Bananas Slots game will now be playing. Simply try and match as many symbols as you can, to walk away with a prize.

Cool Bananas slots Game Review

Cool Bananas Slots is a five reel, twenty-five pay lines instant game, which has an unusual ‘King Kong' theme. Forget the traditional image of King Kong that you might be more familiar with; in the Cool Bananas instant game the ‘Mighty Monkey' really has attitude and is therefore, adorned with a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. It seems he has the same problem as his famous cousin though, as he just can't seem to keep his mitts of pretty blondes whilst wandering around the city.

Cool Bananas Slots is a really fun game to play and features some outstanding graphics and symbols. Players can expect to see sunglasses, Skyscrapers, Bananas and of course the Mighty Monkey himself etc. Now no slot game would be complete without a ‘Wild' and ‘Scatter' symbol and guess what? This instant game has them both.

The symbol of Mighty Monkey can be used to substitute any other symbol (which is why it is sometimes called a substitute symbol) except the Banana Scatter Symbol. If you are lucky enough to win on a Mighty Monkey symbol, then not only will your prize be doubled, but you will also see that the symbol comes alive (not literally – that would be scary) and shows an animation of Mighty Monkey strutting his stuff through the city. The next symbol you will want to keep an eye out for is their Banana Scatter Symbol, as if you manage to match three of more Bananas, then you will bag yourself 8 free spins. This is also an animated symbol and you can expect Mighty Monkey to come up to nab himself some of the banana.

Cool Bananas Slots also features an ‘Auto Spin' button, which can be used to automatically spin between 5 and 500 spins. We were also impressed with the ‘Max' buttons, which are set beside the Lines and Bet boxes, as this saves having to click through all the different amount of lines and bets.

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2:35 pm Aug 11, 2014