Cops and Robbers

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Cops and Robbers

  • 10K Coin Jackpot
  • Packed With Bonuses!
  • Up to 100 Free Spins!
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How to Play Cops and Robbers Slots

Step 1: Stakes can be altered on Cops And Robbers Slots by clicking on the up and down arrow keys next to the stake button. Stakes can be changed from between 0.01 and 10.00 per line.

Step 2: There are a total of twenty pay lines that can be activated in this Snakes And Ladders slot machine game. Click on the pay line button to increase or decrease this amount.

Step 3: Clicking on the green button will spin the reels for your first game to begin.

Cops and Robbers Slots Game Review

Cops And Robbers Slots is yet another example of how fun children's game can be turned into an online gambling slot machine sensation. This light slot doesn't require too much thinking, it doesn't require the player to be an expert or ultimately to have any experience at all in online slots to play. It is a very simple, fun slot game.

Across the five reels and twenty pay lines of the Cops And Robbers slot machine game are quirky cartoon designed icons that act as the games symbols. The high cards are displayed in a range of bright and attractive colours and the font used for them isn't in the slightest bit confusing or illegible. Snaring five of the bulldogs (which also act as wild cards) will win you the jackpot, but only if you have all of the pay lines and the maximum stake activated. Should you not both of these, you will still win a jackpot of around 10,000 coins. Cops cars and judges also pay dividends to players who manage to snag five of them, whilst blue bobbies also pay out well, as does the attractive sprite of a police lady. Anything below those is a win, albeit a petite one.

Cops And Robbers Slots offers some good old fashioned entertainment with little to no effort required on the end of the gamer, which is just the way a truly good online slots game should be. There is a bonus game is manage to pull off 3,4 or 5 safes on your pay lines and this will shell out a prize from inside the safe, relevant to the amount of cash you wagered prior to spinning. Three police lights wins you fifteen free spins, four bags you twenty five and five offers you one hundred free spins in this scatter bonus. Naturally, your wins on the free spins are multiplied.

This Cops And Robbers Slot game also has a bonus round activated when you manage to rack together three, four or five Cops And Robbers logos. This runs as a kind of board game bidding you to stay ahead of the law, with the prizes getting larger than longer you survive rolling around the board.

8:51 am Aug 11, 2014