Cubis Slots

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Cubis Slots

  • 15 Pay Lines
  • 4000 Coin Jackpot
  • Cool graphics
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Cubis Slots Screenshot

How to Play Cubis Slots

Step 1 – To place your bet on Cubis Slots, click on the central blue button entitled bet, and increase or decrease your bet to anywhere between £0.05p and £10 per line.

Step 2 – In Cubis slots there are total of fifteen possible pay lines for you to play with. You can change how many you wish to include in your game by clicking on the lines button.

Step 3 – As you have no doubt figured out, to begin play simply click the play button. It is difficult to see what you have won if you don't have a keen eye, but the winning blocks will disappear and on the right hand side of the screen, your winnings will be displayed, albeit rapidly.

Cubis Slots Game Review

This game isn't a Cubis Slot machine. What you have here, is a sort of mix and match between Tetris and a Rubix Cube. The game appears to be very complex, but essentially isn't. Although visually it is far more dynamic than other bingo games, it can be quite hard to see what you have won although just like a Rubix Cube, with practice, you will get used to it!

Cubis Slot games really are one of a kind. The reels themselves are blank columns that need filling by descending blocks, just like in Tetris. The “”icons”” on the “”reels”” consist of multi-coloured, semi-transparent blocks. Again, it is quite hard to see what you have won, but for the gamer looking for more of a challenge than the traditional bars, sevens and fruit, they won't be disappointed.

As for the jackpot in the Cubis Slot; there is a potential 4,000 coins for having 10 diamond cubes (white or clear coloured), although practically every cube colour pays you something, should you have enough of them in your pay line. There are also dice cubes that act as wild cards, line bombs, square bombs and nuclear bombs that destroy cubes should there be no winning combinations.

This game is so curious and puzzling that you will almost certainly have to try Cubis Slots free. Find yourself a Cubis Slots Demo, and give it a go. The game is aimed at experienced gamers, but with a little practice, it can be played comfortably by anyone.

7:37 am Aug 12, 2014