Double Magic Slots

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Double Magic Slots

  • Cool Magic theme
  • Max £5 Stake
  • Nice Graphics
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How to Play Double Magic Slots

Step 1 – When you are ready to place your bet, click on the bet one button to choose between either single or double bets. To raise or lower your bet, click on the plus or minus buttons located to the left of that button, to choose a stake between 0.25p and £5.

Step 2 – There is only one pay line in Double Magic Slot, so you won't find it too hard to figure out if you have won or not, but if you are going to win the jackpot you'll need to bet he maximum you can, so keep that in mind before placing your bet.

Step 3 – Like I've just said, there is only one pay line and as such anything you win will be instantly visible to you. If you are somewhat new to the gig however, don't hesitate to click on the help button in the lower left hand side of the screen. When you're ready to play, and are satisfied with your bet, click the spin button to start your game.

Double Magic Slots Game Review

This Double Magic slot machine is one of the simplest slots you'll find out on the net today. It is so simplistic in nature, that you would actually think that it couldn't possibly be enjoyable, but you couldn't be more wrong.

As far as the symbols go, these Double Magic games aren't too tricky to grasp. Amongst the symbols are a lightening struck blue star, which you will need to three of on the double bet to win the jackpot, and of course the legendary number sevens. Other symbols include double bars, single bars, and cherries. In essence, it is your quintessential, stereotypical, no-joke ton of fun slot machine.

The layout of the game, along with everything else is simple enough for amateurs to grasp, and to help those newbies along there is a wonderfully colourful pay chart on the right hand side of the screen to aid them along and help them figure out what they have won.

The jackpot in Double Magic Slots is 1,600 coins, which isn't bad at all for a single pay line slot machine. That is of course if you use the second coin, whilst a jackpot with a single coin will take you to half of that, at 800 coins. A single cherry on your line will still give double your one or two coin investment, regardless of what you put in, should you hit it.


12:03 pm Aug 12, 2014