Electro Bingo

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Electro Bingo

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How to Play Electro Bingo

Step 1: You can alter your stake in Electro Bingo by clicking on the stake button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Gamers can choose between up to four bingo cards in Electro Bingo, these can be selected by changing the icons either up or down between 1 or 4 cards.

Step 3: After that, there's nothing left but to get the balls rolling and start winning!

Electro Bingo Game Review

The Electro Bingo game has an intriguing look, stylish sounds that aren't too disturbing to the gamer and good old fashioned bingo, albeit modernised for the online gaming scene. Your objective, is to cross off as many of the matching numbers for any number of your possible four cards with those appearing at random in the centre of the screen.

After the initial thirty balls have been drawn, you will check your cards and see if you've picked up any winning lines or combinations. If you have none it isn't the end of the game, you'll only need to be within one number of completion to continue. Players are then invited to draw bonus balls, at a heavy cost to try and complete their cards in Electro Bingo.

That is about the long and short of Electro Bingo. But should gamers find themselves uncertain of what they should be going for, or undecided over which lines would be best to pursue, they can browse the winning combinations and lines at the top of the screen, a helpful addition for new bingo players.

Electro Bingo is a fun filled futuristic game, taking one of the club classics and making it work for an online audience.

10:13 am Aug 10, 2014