Fantastic 4 Slots

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Fantastic 4 Slots

  • Amazing Marvel Theme
  • Free Bonus Game
  • Loads of Scatters!
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How to Play Fantastic 4 Slots

Step 1 – You can begin playing Fantastic Four slots as soon as you place your bet. To do just that, click on the bet per line button to increase or decrease your between £0.01p and £0.10p per line.

Step 2 – There are a total of 20 pay lines open to you in Fantastic Four Slots, which can be activated or deactivated to your leisure by clicking on the lines button and increasing or decreasing the amount you wish to play with.

Step 3 – If you want to win the big jackpot, you'll need to have all of the pay lines and maximum bet activated. Simply click the bet max button to place the biggest bet if you want. When you're ready to play, hit the spin button.

Fantastic 4 Slots Game Review

The Fantastic Four Slot machine is based on the hit Hollywood movie of the same name. However, in this incarnation, the characters from the film have been portrayed digitally, looking obviously more cartoon like than their Hollywood counterparts.

Of all the Fantastic Four games that have been released over the past few years, this one is without a doubt, one of the simplest and most graphically pleasing. Affixed to the five reels are all four main characters, plus all of the highest playing card representatives, 9, 10, J, Q, K and Ace. There is a world icon, and a four logo. Three or more of the world icons, wins you a free bonus game as this is the scatter card, making the 4 symbol, the wild card.

To win the jackpot in the Fantastic Four slot, you'll need to accumulate 5 four symbols across all five reels, as well as having the max bets and max pay lines activated. Having two or more of the characters pays out too, though, as do multiples of the A and K, Q and J, and 10 and 9 cards; much the same way you might have three of a king in poker.

Fantastic Four can be found across the net in many Online Casinos. Should you feel the need to try Fantastic Four Slots free you'll certainly be able to get your hands on a Fantastic Four Demo, from most of the sites that house the game. This low-cost slot, is aimed at long term play, and is suitable for most online gamers.

12:39 pm Aug 11, 2014