Germinator Slots

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Germinator Slots

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Bonus Round
  • Super Cool Theme
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How to Play Germinator Slots

Step 1: To place your very first bet in Germinator Slots, click on the bet per line button to adjust your bet.
Step 2: There are total of twelve lines in Germinator Slots, six horizontal and six vertical, in most cases these cannot be altered.
Step 3: Clicking the green slime coloured Play button will commence play.

Germinator Slots Game Review

The Germinator slot machine is a unique, one of a kind slot game that is far similar to Tetris or Bejeweled than your standard five reel slot game. The objective is to match up three or more disturbingly cute looking coloured germs on a pay line to win.

In this Germinator slot game, each different coloured germ carries with it a multiplying factor, that effects how much your winning line will be multiplied by. Yellow germs are worth ten times you stake, whilst green, blue, red and orange germs are worth two, one, point six and point two times your original stake respectively.

Should you find yourself in possession of three capsule icons after your winning germs are removed from the Germinator Slots board, then you'll find yourself with a bonus round, in which you must choose which type of germs you wish to remove. Your decision will affect what prize you walk away with after the bonus round.

Germinator often pays out winning plays, and despite being repulsive in theory, the game is fun and exciting. A must for the younger gamblers, or those tired of standard land-based five reel slots. It is quite simple to grasp, but if you feel you need to practice there is a Germinator Slots demo available, which allows you to play Germinator Slots free.

2:11 pm Aug 10, 2014