Grannyprix Scratch Cards

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Grannyprix Scratch Cards

  • Big Prizes
  • Cool Racing Theme
  • Fast Gameplay
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Granny Prix Scratch Cards Screenshot

How to Play Grannyprix Scratch Cards

Step 1 – Your Granny Prix Scratch Cards experience will begin as soon as you choose what type of stake you wish your scratch card to be worth.

Step 2 – Click on the red new card button to get your first scratch card.

Step 3 – By clicking on the nine squares to the right of the screen, you'll slowly reveal what lies beneath them. Collect three of a particular symbol to win big!

Grannyprix Scratch Cards Game Review

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the logic behind the name of this cool and one of a kind instant win game. Granny Prix Scratch Cards is themed after, quite literally, grandmothers in racing helmets. Formula One for the elderly, if you will.

Aside from the nifty and wonderfully sketched motorised mad ladies and past it pensioners in helmets, Granny Prix Scratch Cards has some shiny decor to its hidden icons. The menu bar at the bottom of the screen is in the shape of speedometers to add a touch of hilarity and uniqueness to the game. Much needed in a genre that is full of spin-offs and replicas.

The top jackpot in Granny Prix Scratch Cards is two thousands five hundred times you stake, which makes for a whopping prize for finishing first in the race to match up three icons. Each of the other grannies all offer tantalising prizes too, in one of the best thought out scratch cards to be seen in a long time.

The developers of Granny Prix Scratch Cards have also allowed a trial version of the game to be made available to punters also, to give them a taste of what they could potentially have should their old biddies cross the finish line first. You can play Granny Prix Scratch Cards free with a Granny Prix Scratch Cards demo on Lord Bingo now.

8:14 am Aug 10, 2014