High Roller 5 Slots

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High Roller 5 Slots

  • £50 Per Line Max Bet
  • Classic Casino Slot Theme
  • Win up to 7000X Stake
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How to Play High Rollers Slots

Step 1 – When you are ready to place your first bet on High Rollers Slots, you can click on the stake per line button to raise or drop your initial bet from the minimum 0.10p per line, to the maximum £50 per line.

Step 2 – High Rollers slots has a total of five pay lines spread over 5 reels for you to play with. You can change the amount of pay lines you wish to have activated in the game, by clicking on the coloured circles located to the left and right of the pay lines.

Step 3 – When you are set to go, click on the play button, it is as simple as that really. Anything you win will flash up on its respected pay line.

High Rollers Slots Game Review

Although the game is advertised as a high rolling game, High Rollers Slot machine can also be played on a lower stake scale, meaning you don't have to be filthy rich to play in the first place. Its design is quite unusual, and if the aim was to make it look like something we'd recognize then the design team seems to have missed the boat, although it does give off a bank vault like vibe.

As could be expected from any, if not all High Rollers Slot games, the reels are adorned with the highly recognizable cliche? symbols of most major fruit machines. Bells, lemons, single and double bars, cherries, oranges, watermelons, the number 7, plums and two unusual bonuses that are simply titled bonus and wild card are among them.

Depending on how many pay lines you have selected, the prizes in High Roller Slots varies. If you have all of the pay lines activated and have the maximum bet placed, then sevens on all reels will give you a whopping jackpot of X2000 your original stake. Other good paying combinations include any number of sevens, double bars, bells, single bars or cherries. Three bonus symbols on the first three reels will enable you to play the bingo offers round.

8:10 am Aug 12, 2014