Incredible Hulk

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Incredible Hulk

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How to Play Incredible Hulk Slots

Step 1 – All of your bets for Incredible Hulk Slots can be made between £0.01p and £5, by using the click to change button just above the info button on the left hand side of the lower part of the screen.

Step 2 – There are a total of 25 pay lines available to you in Incredible Hulk slots. Each of these pay lines can be activated by clicking the lines button on the lower menu. You'll need to have all the pay lines activated, and the maximum bet wagered if you hope to win the big jackpot, which can be done by clicking the bet maximum button.

Step 3 – Incredible Hulk Slot is fairly simple to grasp, with nothing too tricky manifesting itself within the game. Once you're satisfied with your set up, click spin to see what you've won. There is a pay table available if you click on the info button, but Incredible Hulk Slots free is also at your disposal should you wish to familiarise yourself with the game first.

Incredible Hulk Slots Game Review

The movie might not have been very good, but the spin off Incredible Hulkgames aren't that bad! That's as far as spin off games go! This Incredible Hulk slot machine is based on the newer movies featuring Eric Bana as The Hulk. Playtech have tried to make it as reminiscent of the movie as possible, although the music is slightly irritating, and out of place. This can be turned off though.

Laying on top of the toxic green background are the reel icons. These include the big green nasty Hulk himself, a helicopter, bone bruising letters, police cars and green goo and a radioactive logo. As with all Playtech slots games, the objective is match up as many of the symbols on a given pay line to win yourself a sizeable bonus.

All gamers should find themselves attracted to this type of slot, the only exceptions being anti-Hulk fans such as myself, who hold a candle for other Marvel characters! That being said, a grand prize of 4,000 free coins should satisfy anyone, whether they like the Hulk or not. Don't forget though, try the Incredible Hulk Demo Slot before you play, to get a feel for the game!

12:01 pm Sep 21, 2016