Jackpot 15 Keno

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Jackpot 15 Keno

  • 80 Numbers to choose from
  • Mega Cash Win Potential
  • Top Keno Game
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How to Play Jackpot 15 Keno

The game starts after players have selected their lucky numbers. The lucky numbers are selected by pressing on the numbered tiles using a mouse which is at the centre of the screen. The player is allowed a chance to select 15 numbers that they believe will enable them to win the jackpot. Once a player clicks on their lucky numbers on the grid it lights up, highlighting the players' picks. Once the players have selected their lucky picks, the indicator reflects the numbered balls and the payout table accordingly.

Alternatively, a player can decide to choose the option which will randomly select 15 lucky numbers for them, which they will use to stake their claim on the jackpot. If a player wishes to change their selected numbers, they can simply change to their desired pick by clicking on the number which is highlighted to remove it from their selection. When you satisfied with your selected numbers, you then enter the stake you wish by using the DOWN/UP arrows and immediately thereafter you can press PLAY to begin.

Tips for playing the Jackpot 15 Keno

The Jackpot 15 keno has a counter at the top right corner of the screen which indicates the games progress. Use it to know the progress of the game. Whenever a ball lands on any of the numbers the player has selected, it is highlighted on the grid. The Jackpot 15 keno game ends after all the 20 balls land on the number grid.

Jackpot 15 Keno Game Review

The Jackpot 15 is a keno style jackpot competition, which is exciting and fast at the same time. With Jackpot 15 you get to select 15 lucky numbers and, if you are lucky enough to get all the lucky numbers correct, you instantly win the jackpot. The game in short is a classic game based on fixed odds. You just choose your stake then select your 15 lucky numbers from a large pool of 80 numbers. The highest amount of money a player can make is determined by the number of correct guesses the player makes from the 20 balls that are drawn.

10:39 am Aug 12, 2014