Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards

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Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards

  • £200 in Demo Cash
  • Bollywood-esque Theme
  • Brilliant Graphics
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Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards Screenshot

How to Play Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards

Step 1 – To begin with in Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards, you will need to place your stake. It can be decreased in the bottom hand corner of the screen using the +/- buttons.

Step 2 – Click on the green new game button to commence play and begin your first game of Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards.

Step 3 – The objective in this instant win game is to hopefully bag two of any icon on the playing field to win the stated amount.

Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards Game Review

Mumbai Magic scratch cards are designed to reveal all that we westerners associate with the associate with India, or more accurately with Bollywood. Amongst some of those symbols used in the game are a movie cut board, silk shirted fellas, an instrument, two Oscar looking statues, a singer and a dancer, a traditionally dressed beauty, and oddly enough, an apple.

Unlike other online scratch cards, Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards doesn't actually involve any scratching, even digitally. Instead once you click the new game button the computer automatically assigns symbols to their designated slots. You'll get six in total and that will have to do, with players needed a pair to win.

There isn't really any music incorporated into this game, rather poor and very generic Indian twangs and drums to give off some sort of traditional ambience, and in that the sounds fail rather miserably. This Mumbai Magic Scratch Cards game is excellently drawn and designed though, so its visual appeal is not to be understated, even if it is rather stereotypical.


1:58 pm Aug 7, 2014