Paradise Reels Slots

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Paradise Reels Slots

  • 5000 Coin Max Win
  • Cool graphics
  • Fruit Machine Style Theme
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How to Play Paradise Reels Slots

Step 1 – Click on the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease your bet, from anywhere between £0.05p to £4 per game.

Step 2 – The red lines button allows you activate any number of the nine available pay lines in Paradise Reels slots. Click on it to modify how many you want to include in your game.

Step 3 – Once you're comfortable with your set up, hit the blue play button to begin your game. Anything you win will be highlighted on the chosen pay line, and don't forget you'll need to have all nine pay lines activated, with the maximum bet to win the super jackpot.

Paradise Reels Slots Game Review

Paradise Reels Slot machine is designed to give off the aesthetic effect of being on a tropical desert island beach, perhaps a resort. The crashing waves and squawking seagulls only enhance this effect; making the game seem familiar to its users before you've even begun to play.

This Paradise Reels game features the ever famous fruit icons amongst those on its reels, along with Playtech's common placed letters and the legendary number 7. There is some cheeky text displayed underneath the reels for your amusement, and a snazzy beach resort jingle plays out when you make your daring move to spin.

The jackpot in Paradise Reels Slots comes to 5,000 coins, which isn't to bad considering what it costs you to put into the game with maximum bets. Wild cards can also play a part, and this game also features a bonus game, for those of you who may tire of the singing seagulls.

Of course you can always try the Paradise Reels slot, by selecting a Paradise Reels Slots free link from any one of the great number of Playtech powered casinos that feature this warm friendly game. All summed up your in for a real treat with Paradise Reels Slots, even with the seagulls!

12:30 pm Aug 12, 2014