Pharaoh’s Gems Scratch Cards

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Pharaoh’s Gems Scratch Cards

  • Fast Gameplay
  • Massive payouts
  • Play 3 games in 1
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Pharaohs Gems Scratch Cards Screenshot

How to Play Pharaohs Gems Scratch Cards

Step 1 – Increase or decrease your stake to between 0.50 and 10.00 by clicking on the stake buttons in the bottom left hand side of the screen.

Step 2 – The blue new card button on Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards will commence play when clicked upon.

Step 3 – Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards consist of three games, you'll need to reveal the icons in each game to combine your efforts into a big win.

Pharaohs Gems Scratch Cards Game Review

The internet has plenty of Egyptian themed games so naturally it would be fair to expect that every once in a while you'd come across an Ancient Egyptian themed scratch card too. What the internet does not have plenty of are unique and original Ancient Egyptian games and here in Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards, at last we have one.

Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards offers player the opportunity to play three separate instant win games all rolled into one, essentially. You are expected to open the three wonderfully decorated canopic jars in the centre, along with the bust of Nefertiti and the sarcophagus to the left to reveal your three pronged game plan.

This particular instant win game is a breath of fresh air in a much overdone genre, and even the sound effects and stunning backgrounds are something to get excited about. There is potential here for the game to be a huge success and the massive payout possibilities can only assist Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards.

This is a game that must be tried even if you have no intention of paying to play. I'm strongly convinced that once you've got the taste and feel for this one of a kind instant win game, you'll be dying to try it out properly. Who knows, maybe you can walk away with the treasure of the Nile? You can play Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards for free by clicking on the Pharaoh's Gems Scratch Cards demo available at Lord Bingo.

7:24 am Aug 10, 2014