Reel Gems Jackpot

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Reel Gems Jackpot

  • Big Jackpots
  • Classic Casino Style
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How to Play Reel Gems Jackpot Slots

Step 1: In order to place your bet in Reel Gems Jackpot, click on the stake up or stake down
buttons to increase or decrease your bet.

Step 2: There are twenty pay lines activated in Reel Gems Jackpot, and these pay lines cannot be altered.

Step 3: Clicking the green play button will commence play, whilst the red auto play button will keep your stake set at the given amount for any future plays.

Reel Gems Jackpot Slots Game Review

Reel Gems slot machine your standard bread and butter online casino slot game. It looks very regal and elegant, and does have rather fetching shade of purple decorating its background. The expensive diamonds on its reels are designed to give off a false sense of nobility, but apart from that, the Reel Gems slot game is just another run of the mill gambling game.

The objective is gather three or more of each symbol on a winning pay line as you bid to snatch the big jackpot from the hands of other gamers, who might be playing the same game. Aside from the letter and numbers on offer, the reel icons also feature rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and other manners of expensive jewels.

Should you grab three jewelry boxes whilst playing Reel Gems Jackpot slots, which counts as the scatter card, then you'll be whisked off into a bonus game. Three boxes will appear on the screen, and inside each will be a series of gems. The idea is that if all the gems inside are the same, you'll win your bonus. Obviously certain gems are worth more than others, for example, if you wish to win the big progressive, you'll need all nine gems inside the boxes to be diamonds.

2:29 pm Aug 10, 2014