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Roulette Pro

  • £3000 Max Bet
  • Big Wins
  • Realistic Casino Action
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How to Play Roulette Pro

Step 1 – When you start Roulette Pro you are greeted by an attendant who is going to ask you what you would like to do, along with an on screen guide. If you wish to ignore them, simply click on the chips you wish to wager, plus the number or numbers you wish to wager on.

Step 2 – You may choose from 0 to 36 to put your chips down on, with the minimum accepted bet being £0.10p and the maximum being £3,000. You can also choose to double your bet if you wish, but of course that is all down to your guts and how you Play Roulette Pro.

Step 3 – Once you're all set up and ready to play, hit the spin button to get the ball rolling on the Roulette Pro Wheel. If you win, you'll know about it fairly quickly, as the attendant will tell you if you have either won or lost. If you're not interested in winning or losing, then why not play free Roulette Play, available on most sites containing the game.

Roulette Pro Game Review

Playtech has made a very stylish game here. Not to be outdone by other game providers, Playtech has come up with a wonderful representation of land-based Roulette, in Roulette Pro. Frequently found at William Hill Bingo, this superb game is one of a kind. Quite possibly the number one place to play Roulette Pro Online is William Hill Roulette Pro. It's stylish sexy look, and stunningly gorgeous graphics really give you feel the table, and if your lucky enough, the money too!

The game is hard to win big, but that is the way it really is. You have only a small percentage of winning large, but it can be done, if your lucky number comes up. The rebet button is a rather nice addition to the game, making it quick and easy to play the same numbers stake after stake, or if you want entirely new numbers you have the option to clear all your bets. Whatever your skill level, Playtech seems to have you covered here with this little gem.

11:22 am Aug 11, 2014