Samba Bingo

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Samba Bingo

  • 100K Coin Max Prize
  • Hot Bingo Action
  • Win 20000x your bet
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How to Play Samba Bingo

Step 1: To begin, click on the +/- stake button to adjust how much you wish to stake in Samba bingo per card.

Step 2: You can use up to four cards at once in Samba bingo, click on the +/- card button to just adjust how many you wish to use per game.

Step 3: Hit the green yes button to start playing bingo!

Samba Bingo Game Review

Designed and developed by Microgaming, this Samba bingo game is very energetic and tries to dance with you, all the way to victory. You're entitled to four card in this online bingo game, each with fifteen randomly selected numbers. You're task is cross off those numbers with the corresponding paired balls that pop up randomly in the centre of the screen to make any of the winning combinations shown at the top of the screen.

The Samba bingo game very quickly does this all for you once you hit the play button, but if you are one ball away from completing one of those bountiful combinations, the game will allow you to pick an additional balls at a cost. You can go on picking up balls, up to ten of them in fact until you have finished a pay line or not.

Samba Bingo allows you to play each card up from between 0.10 and 5.00 per game. This online bingo game also pays you up to 100,000 coins if you can cross out all of the fifteen numbers on your bingo card before the 30 ball is drawn. If not, adding more balls up until 35 will also provide you with a significant pay day, with up to 20,000 times your take the prize on offer.

Samba Bingo is a nice enough game, and a credit to Microgaming's prowess at the top of the gaming industry. Obviously it wouldn't be samba at all without the samba missing, which in true Microgaming fashion does tend to get a little bit repetitive. Visually it doesn't really give off any tell tale signs that Samba Bingo is about dancing, samba or even bingo for that matter. But not to worry, it's the game that counts, and Samba Bingo is a good one.

11:08 am Aug 10, 2014