Santas Presents Scratch Cards

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Santas Presents Scratch Cards James

How to Play Santas Presents Scratch Cards Step 1 - When you are ready to place your bet on Santa's Presents Scratch Cards, click on the stake butto...


Santas Presents Scratch Cards

  • Jolly Christmas Theme
  • Lovely Graphics
  • Simple to play
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How to Play Santas Presents Scratch Cards

Step 1 – When you are ready to place your bet on Santa’s Presents Scratch Cards, click on the stake button to increase or decrease from between 0.05p and £10. Then hit play.

Step 2 – Santa will now fly across your screen and drop of some boxes. You can now proceed to open these presents to try and match up as many symbols as you possibly can.

Step 3 – Should you have any winning matches; a candy cane bordered box will appear in the centre of the screen, telling you what you have won. This will then be added to your balance.

Santas Presents Scratch Cards Game Review

Santa’s Presents Scratch Cards is one of the simplest games you could ever possibly come across, in any Online Casino on the net, but despite this; it is absolutely adorable. Santa apparently can’t quite seem to get his fat behind down the chimney however, and so he and his reindeer drop off your presents in the middle of a snowy field for you to open. It is comical really.

This Santa’s Presents Scratch Card game was wittily thought up and beautifully designed. Sometimes simplest is best. Santa presents are all baubles of some sort or another, and you’re going to want to bag them in this order. Gold (x10,000), Silver (x1000), Blue (x100), Red (x10), Green (x5), Pink (x2), Purple (x1).

In a way, this Santa’s Presents Scratch Card is as close a fun filled approximation of what a standard land-bought scratch card would be. Only easier to use. There are no silly numbers with eleven hundred zeros on the end to confuse you, just coloured baubles, whilst the remainder of the graphics are made up by falling snow and the hilarious gliding rather than flying Santa. The use of colour though, is very visually appealing.

Even if you have no intention of spending your money on scratch cards, playing the Santas Presents Scratch Card demo is a must…even if for just comedic value!

12:24 pm Aug 31, 2014