Compendium Scratch Cards

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Compendium Scratch Cards

  • Classic Scratch Card Action
  • Mega Win Potential
  • Win up to 5000x Wager!
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How to Play Scratch Cards Compendium

Step 1 – Before you can start playing you will first of all have to pick one of the eight different scratch cards to play on the Scratch Card Compendium instant game. The eight different games to choose from are called: Scratch Bingo, Scratch Poker, Scratch Blackjack, Scratch Shotz, Scratch Roulette, Scratch Gold Rush, Scratch Fruit Frenzy and Scratch Olympicash.

Step 2 – All of the scratch card instant games featured on the Scratch Card Compendium are very similar to play; the aim of each of the instant games is to scratch off the hidden panels to reveal three matching symbols. The only difference with each game is that they each have a different theme and can pay out different amounts of money. Once you have selected a game to play you then need to select how much money you would like to spend on the scratch card, the minimum amount you can wager on all of the cards is 50p; however, the maximum amount changes per scratch card. Once you are happy with the stake amount simply click on ‘Buy New Card'.

Step 3 – Once you have purchased your card you then need to scratch off the hidden segments by either clicking on the card per section, or by pressing the ‘Reveal All' button. If you manage to match three symbols in the instant game, then you will walk away with a prize.

Scratch Cards Compendium Game Review

Scratch Card Compendium is the ultimate instant game for Scratch card lovers, as it offers players the chance to play eight different scratch cards in one place and you don't even have to pop down to your local supermarket, or newsagents to pick them up. All of the scratch cards feature fun and imaginative graphics such as fun fruit characters, Cards, Bingo balls etc.

Scratch cards are usually one of the fastest instant games to play, so are perfect for playing when you have a couple of minutes to spare. However just because they are quick to play doesn't mean that you can't walk away with some juicy cash prizes. For example: in the Scratch Bingo instant game you can walk away with up to 1,000 times your original wager and in the Scratch Poker instant game you can bag yourself 5,000 times your original wager by matching three Ace of Spades graphics.

So get scratching to win those cash prizes……..

8:50 am Aug 12, 2014