Super Bonus Bingo

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Super Bonus Bingo

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How to Play Super Bonus Bingo

Step 1: To place your bet in Super Bonus Bingo, click on the +/- bet buttons to adjust your bet accordingly from 0.05 to however high you wish to make it.

Step 2: Select between 2 and 10 numbers in Super Bonus Bingo.

Step 3: When you're all set, hit the green “new game” button to commence play.

Super Bonus Bingo Game Review

Microgaming's Super Bonus Bingo game is an unusual take on the classic popular game of online bingo. Visually it isn't terribly appealing, the game looks plain and hurriedly made, considerable time has obviously been spent into developing the rules for this new bingo game, rather than on beautification looks. Not to worry though, because Super Bonus

Bingo is fun to play. The idea behind Super Bonus Bingo is that the numbers 1-80, your aim is to rack up as many correctly paired numbers as you possibly can within the first ten balls. The rewards and prizes for correctly matching up the numbers are quite clearly displayed on the top of the screen in the various pay table panels.

If you are moderately successful with your initial picks, then following the twenty randomly drawn balls, Super Bonus Bingo will allow you to pick two more additional balls in hope of you completing one of the pay tables.

It isn't as straight forward as standard conventional bingo, but it shouldn't take you too long to grasp.

10:26 am Aug 10, 2014