The Price is Right

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The Price is Right

  • 10000 Coin Jackpot
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  • True to TV Theme
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How to Play The Price is Right Slots

Remember that famous TV game show, The Price Is Right? Well, it was quite a sensation in the heyday of game shows on television during the 50s and 60s. The legend has pervaded and remains to be an instant favorite among the couch potatoes and fans of those glorious days.

However, if you think that you cannot get enough of it on TV, then you should not complain or grumble, as you can play The Price Is Right now on the Internet. It is true. There are many gaming websites where you can pay and play The Price Is Right for some grand prize money. Nothing is new in the online version of this wildly popular game. All the basic rules and tips are there. So, you only need to sign up and play The Price Is Right on the Internet. Below is an overview of its rules.

The Price is Right Slots Game Review

Rules of Price Is Right

It is quite simple and easy to play The Price Is Right. It has always been very easy and entertaining. Even in those days the Price is Right game was quite popular entertainment. The entire game is based on the concept of estimation and probability. This means that you have to keep guessing the entire thing. The jackpot box of this game contains 10,000 coins, maximum. The game starts from left to right.

There is an expensive prize on display. It could be anything, a car or even an electronic gadget. All you need to do is to bid a suitable price. You can bid from 0.01 pound to as high as 75 pounds. You see, you have to guess the actual price of the prize and bid your guessed price. The other players will have to do the same. Now, if your guess or estimate is pretty close to the actual price, you take away home the prize. This is how you play The Price is Right.

The graphics of this game are quite stunning and the background music is astounding; and that is why you will never feel bored even after playing this game for hours.

Some Valuable Tips

Normally, if your estimate of the prize's value is good enough, you are sure to take away the entire prize. The Price Is Right does not actually need any kind of special advice for a victory. However, you do need to take some advice. Try to keep a check on how your opponents are estimating the price. If their fake bids are high, then you should keep your own estimates a bit modest. So, this is quite a good advice. Try to show some restraint in The Price Is Right.

7:55 am Aug 12, 2014