Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards

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Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards

  • 10000X Max Win Potential
  • Match 3 Moles & Win
  • Minimum Win is Stake Back
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Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards Screenshot

How to Play Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards

Step 1 – To select and set your wager in Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards, click on the stake button to raise or lower your desired stake.

Step 2 – Click the big green new game button on Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards to start playing.

Step 3 – You have the option of either hitting the moles as they appear or clicking on the reveal all button to see what likes down the holes, and if you have won or not.

Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards Game Review

Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards offers gamers the perfect chance to replicate the type of fun they used to have as a child at the fair, or in an arcade. This instant win game is very reminiscent of that old hammer to pop up cushions game that were on offer in such places, with the added twist being of course, that this is a scratch card, not a side attraction.

The game is nicely coloured enough, it is cleverly designed not to be too uneasy on the eyes and it contains that certain level of tackiness that one might expect to find, and indeed crave in such a game as Whack A Jackpot Scratch Cards.

Of the game itself, it has been constructed so that it does exactly as the title states. You'll need to whack the moles as they pop out of the holes, if any three values are matched you will win a prize. The minimum prize that you can win in this Whack A Jackpot Scratch Card game is your stake back, with the maximum being ten thousand times your stake, if you pull off three matching mallets. Of course if you can't be bothered waiting for the moles to pop up, there is also a reveal all button to speed up the process or winning, or losing…

7:34 am Aug 10, 2014