World Champion Hi-Lo

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World Champion Hi-Lo

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How to Play World Champion Hi-Lo

Step 1 – Select what football teams you think will make it to the next round of the World Championship by making your stake on World Champion Hi-Lo bet sheet. At this stage you can; make a stake on the 1st round of the World Cup, decide what team you think will win the quarter finals, the semi-finals and the final. Simply click through the instant game tabs at the top of the bet sheet to see the different stakes. Players can choose to make stakes from as little as 10p per game up to £200. Once you are happy with your selections simply click on ‘Add'.

Step 2 – You will then see an overview of all your bets, which shows the team you think will win each game, the stake you have made, what the odds of winning are and how much money you will win if you have guessed correctly. If you are happy with this, then click on ‘Submit'. If you have made a mistake or want to make some changes, then just click on one of the tabs above to go back.

Step 3 – The first round of the World Champion Hi-Lo instant game will now be playing, you can watch the action live, or can choose to skip it by pressing the ‘Skip' button. Once the game is over you will be shown your Bet Sheet. You winning bets will have a green tick next to them and the losing bets will have a red cross.

Step 4 – The process then starts over again and you will be able to pick what football teams you think will win the quarter finals. Once these games have played you can place a stake on what teams will win the semi-finals and last of all who will win the final of World Champion Hi Lo.

World Champion Hi-Lo Game Review

World Champion Hi-Lo is a tournament based instant game that allows players to enter a virtual football world, where they are able to predict what footballs teams they think will win certain matches in the World Champion Hi Lo cup. This game is a tournament; therefore, instant game players will be able to stop and make additional stakes throughout the course of the game – just like you would do if you were betting on a real life football tournament. The only difference is that you don't have to wait as long to find out the results.

10:25 am Aug 12, 2014