X Men slots

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X Men slots

  • 10000 Coin Jackpot
  • 25 Paylines
  • Amazing Marvel Theme
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How to Play X Men slots

Step 1 – Like with most of Playtech's movie to slot games, you can change the amount you wish to bet in X Men Slots, by clicking on the button above the info box, and adjusting it to between £0.01p and £5.

Step 2 – You can select any number of the 25 pay lines in X Men Slots by clicking on the lines button and choosing how many lines you wish to feature in your X Men Slot game. It is worth keeping in mind however, that you'll need all 25 lines plus the maximum bet of £5, if you wish to win the X Men Slot progressive jackpot.

Step 3 – If you've familiarized yourself with X Men slots free, then you'll known what is coming. If not, hit the spin button once you've set up your bet, and wait for any flashing icons on the reels, and corny sound effects to let you know what you have won. Your winnings will be added to your playing balance.

X Men slots Game Review

Playtech has a habit of creating movie to slot games, and X Men Slot game is no different. Featuring all your favourite Marvel characters, it is one of the most complete X Men games you'll find on the net. These take the form of icons on the reels. Playtech has opted to recreate their Marvel Superheros from the comics and cartoons it would seem, rather than the movies with the graphics creatively drawn, instead of using the actors head shots, making this one of the more enjoyable online X Men games there is.

Lacking some of the silly music that it's sister games have, this X Men slot machine is calm yet at the same time, still somewhat dangerous. It's sinister characters and rough background give off an edgy feel. It's colours make it dark and gloomy, yet still highly enjoyable. With a grand jackpot of 10,000 coins, Playtech have really pushed the boat out to ensure this game is enjoyable for gamers of all kinds.

Less focused than other games, and with wild cards, scratch cards and bonus features all clearly defined by clicking the info button, this game is easy to grasp. Die hard gamblers and Marvel fanatics after nothing more than a little flutter should find it pleasantly surprising. It also seems to pay out a lot, but that will be our little secret!

12:23 pm Aug 11, 2014