The 700-Year-Old Casino: Revealed

Gambling is a very old form of entertainment. For some people, casinos have recently been invented. Little do they know that casinos have been around more than they can remember. New introductions have been made to casino such as live dealer and croupiers. Thus, the assumption.

Archaeologists have recently come upon a cave in the U.S 45th state, Utah. They’ve discovered an amazing artifact that is packed with gambling tools, a 700-year-old casino! More than 10,000 pieces have been found and are mainly darts, sticks, dice, chips and more. All the tools discovered in this cave have been used for playing purposes, but none of the rules and procedures of the games have been figured out.

Dice were made out of cane pieces, and the dots on them were made by burning the pieces. Dice games were mainly played by women. After completing their chores, they would gather up. As bets, they could swap chores or personal belongings. John Ives said that that they are looking at a population of Apachean population. The people who once flooded the realms of the casino when they existed.

The conclusion of this discovery is that it was a gambler’s main placement. Going into depth about this exciting discovery, scientists are convinced that the tools are traced back to the 1300’s, making it the oldest casino to ever exist! The reason as to why this casino was located in the cave was that tribe followers would hide from other civilisations, and playing casino games made it endurable.

2:16 pm Jul 12, 2017