Bingo 2045: The Future of Bingo

Bingo Robot

With science and computing power progressing at a rapid rate, many of the technological predictions that have appeared in sci-fi novels and movies over the years seem to be becoming reality. No, we're not all making the daily commute to work in a flying car just yet and we're definitely not yet riding hover boards around town. However, we are seeing a big increase in the use of electric cars and the beginning of a commercial space travel industry. We're also witnessing the advent of 3D printers that are capable of printing everything from rare car parts to full size homes. We're even living in a time in which drones scan the skies for terrorists in far away lands and are also used by retail companies to deliver packages from warehouses to your doorstep.

The predictions of the technological advancements that are coming just around the corner in ten, twenty and thirty years from now are even more astounding. There's good reason to believe, that in just fifteen years from now, that robots will be a part of our every day lives. We will also probably be eating meat that has been grown in a laboratory and will no longer need to go to the doctor's office because checkups will be conducted via our mobile devices.

With all of this in mind, bingo players in 2014 can only wonder, what's in store for the future of bingo? Is it so far-fetched to predict that bingo hall callers will be replaced with robots calling the numbers? Perhaps in 2045 online bingo will no longer be played on computers and mobile devices, but the bingo calls will be sent directly to your mind via brainwaves. Some of these speculations may seem too outlandish for the average online bingo player to take seriously, but Lord Bingo is optimistic. In fact he's already got plans in the works for hover bingo! … but we've already said too much. What are your predictions for the future of bingo and the future in general?

11:51 am Sep 7, 2014