Bingo Godz sold by Gaming Realms to EDM

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Bingo Godz sold to Bebe

In case you haven't already heard the news, Bingo Godz has been acquired by Gaming Realms and will be leaving European Domain Management (EDM).

What this means?

This is big news for players and this change in management also certainly entails big changes for any affiliates who had worked with the brand.

When Bingo Godz initially premiered in August 2013 many in the bingo industry anticipated that the brand was due for incredible success. With the backing of major companies such as Cashcade, the backers of Foxy Bingo, it seemed almost certain the Bingo Godz would see incredible success. Unfortunately this has not been the case.

The Bingo Godz let down is likely due to its unique gaming style which offered something completely different to what bingo players had become accustomed to. It seems as if the gaming model was too different for players to enjoy and as a result the brand has officially been sold off to Gaming realms.

Not only was the brand sold, but the price it was sold at was a steal. After accumulating £2.1 million in losses in 2014, the brand was officially bought by EDM for a paltry sum of £500,000! EDM also aquired the site Castle Jackpot as part of the deal. Bingo Godz will now join the EDM bingo roster which is home to brands such as Crown Bingo, Bingo Loopy and Crazy Bingo

So will the site have better luck under its new ownership? This remains to be seen, but Lord Bingo has high hopes for Bingo Godz and will provide updates as things develop over the next few months.

Check back at the Lord Bingo blog soon for more details on the latest Bingo Godz developments!


6:20 am May 3, 2015