Costa Bingo Welcomes Back Spice Girl Mel B!

Mel B Costa Bingo

In a surprise move that has taken the online bingo world by storm, Costa Bingo has welcomed back former Spice Girl Mel B to their site. Lord Bingo subscribers may remember just over a year ago we detailed the initial Mel B campaign at Costa Bingo in a blog post. Last year's Costa Bingo advertising campaign featured a giant Mel B stomping through London with an iPad. The advert was well received by many, but not all.

Lord Bingo speculates that Mel's sudden appearance on Costa Bingo is part of a broader renewed advertising campaign for 2015 that will likely involve another series of adverts on TV. If this is indeed the case, lets hope that this year's Mel B Costa advert will have greater appeal than last time.

As things stand right now, Mel B has already given away £1200 in bonus cash in March as part of her 2015 campaign with Costa. We look forwarded to seeing what other hot surprises she has in store for us!

2:38 pm Mar 26, 2015