Costa’s Spooky Scarefest

Costa Spookfest

Costa Bingo is putting the spooks back into Halloween this month with the help of the ultimate Scary Spice, Mel B with her Spooky Scarefest Jackpot and Diamond Chase games! If you scare easily, don't fear, as Costa is also offering two brand new un-scary instant tourneys, to give you a chance to win even more treats this Halloween!

Mel’s Spooky Scarefest

To celebrate Halloween in style this year, Costa Bingo has enlisted the help the original Scary Spice Mel B, who has planned a whole feast of scary bingo fun. Mel B  has taken over the reels with her self-styled spooky Scarefest daily Jackpot game, which leads to a spookily fun 90-ball Jackpot game on October 31st at 11pm. There's still time to get in on the Halloween action, as you can simply buy free cards in the bingo lobby for just £5  or in the Diamond Club for 10 Diamonds each. You can also spin Mel B's magical prize wheel every day for Free until October 30th, for a chance of winning up to 10 Free cards or access to a spellbinding 21 Free 75 Ball Bingo games!  If you play the Free games, you could win jackpots up to £900, plus another £150 in sugar-tastic Haribo sweets! If you manage to try your luck in the exciting Jackpot game on October 31st, you could win a scarily huge TV, a frightening fridge or a completely spooky chair!

Mel's Diamond Chase

The race is on this month! As Mel B is putting the glamour back into the bingo with her pulse racing Diamond chase game! To get your fix of sparkling treats, you still have time to play the Diamond Chase game daily until October 29th. You simply need to steer Mel in different directions along the road to pick up your share of jewel encrusted diamond treats. You can win shiny diamonds for free, which you can then exchange for cards to go into the spooky jackpot game on the 31st, or cash from the spark-fest Diamond Store!

Instant Tourneys

Just in case you scare easily, Costa Bingo also has some sunny treats in store for you this month. These treats come in the form of two new revamped Instant Tourney adventures, that you can spin the first round completely for Free. You can play two tourneys each day, to get your sugar fix every day playing Sweetie Land from 8am until 5.30pm and then satisfy your savoury cravings by spinning the Fish n Chips tourney from 6pm until Midnight. . If you want to play the next round, you can relive the tourney adventure again and again, up to 9 more times for just 50p a round. The top 10 spinners can win a juicy £150 CASH JACKPOT treat, so make sure you spin it to win it!



12:45 pm Oct 25, 2015