Foxy Bingo’s £25K Maximum Bingo offers HUGE cash prizes!

Foxy Bingo Maximum Bingo

Lord Bingo has been keeping a close eye on Foxy Bingo ever since their re-launch with a brand new look a few weeks a go. All in all, the re-branding of Foxy was incredibly well received. Feedback from players and Foxy Bingo staff alike is all positive.

Another development that Lord has been watching at Foxy is the incredible Maximum Bingo £25K Giveaway that launched on January 1st. The promo, which ends on January 30th, offers an unbelievable full house prize of £8,000. The game is 90-ball bingo and the card price is only 99p.

Not only does a full house win reward a huge prize, but a two-line win will land you a £3,000 prize, a one-line win £2,000, 1TG a share of £1,000 and 2TG a share of £1,000. What's more? No one walks away empty-handed. That's right, even losing tickets will share the remaining prize pool of £10,000 in cash!

The big game plays on January 30th at 9:30pm, so you've still got some time to grab some tickets to the £25,000 Maximum Bingo Jackpot, where every ticket is a winner!


3:19 pm Jan 22, 2015