Foxy’s Glam New Advert

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Foxy Bingo New 5 Pound Offer

Foxy Bingo is celebrating the start of brand New Year, as well as its brand new revamped glam website with the launch of it's brand new Foxy bingo hotel advert for 2016!

Foxy is also celebrating with a brand new fab registration bonus! You can check out the latest advert below.

Foxy's Latest Advert

In the latest stylish advert for January 2016, Foxy rolls up the Foxy Bingo hotel in a cool mini, strolls in to the lobby and is welcomed by a cast of surprised hotel guests. Among the guests are some of his celeb pals from the cast of the TOWIE crew and more!

He then strolls through the hotel like a celebrity to the welcome surprise of all the guests and gets everyone dancing, from the business men in the suit, to the holidaymakers! There is even a choreographed suitcase dance!

He spreads joy to everyone he meets and dances through each hotel area, from the lobby to the dining hall to the swimming pool where even the synchronized swimmers dance into the pool! He jumps into the lift and strolls through to the hotel room corridor to make even more people join the fun, from the bell boy to the room service to the other hotel guests!

Foxy then encourages you to “check into the New Look Foxy Bingo”, and you can receive “service with a prime star price”!

£5 free registration bonus

As part of Foxy's New Year, new advert and new look celebrations, Foxy is offering a super cool new welcome offer for new players!

The new offer includes an extra £5 free registration bonus, plus a glam 500% Welcome Offer!

This means if you sign up as a new player and deposit £10 you can play with £60, plus the extra £5!

On your second and third deposits, you can also snap up to £350, again, completely free!

Foxy's Glam New Look

Foxy recently had a reem revamp, just in time for the New Year and the results are more glamorous and stylish than we could have expected!

The new site is filled with show-stopping new features, from a rolling flash banner video, to exciting new design, fonts, graphics, promotions and sections like a new Foxy's world with Foxy's Friend's Magazine!

You can check out the latest Foxy TV advert here!

2:17 pm Jan 5, 2016