Gala Bingo’s giving out £8 Million in Prizes – Here’s the Top 3 ways to WIN!

Gala Bingo 8 Million

Get excited Gala Bingo fans!

Your favourite bingo brand is rolling out a special promo that gives you an amazing 20,000 chances daily to win a share of £8 million! What's more? You have all the way until the end of April to cash in on this amazing special!

So what are the best ways to take advantage of this special and win as much of the £8 million as possible? There are plenty of different ways for you to grab a piece of the pie, but after a careful analysis of the games available throughout this promo, Lord is pleased to bring you…

The Top 3 Ways to Win at Gala Bingo's £8 Million Giveaway

1. £1 million Giveaway 1,000 chances to win £1,000! 1st-30th April

£1 million Giveaway Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo's £1 million Giveaway gives you a 1,000 chances to win £1,000 with a mix of £100 Full house prize games and £3,000 full house games in the Metropolis Room. This particular special runs throughout the entire month of April, so you have all month long to take advantage.

2. Rainbow Riches double jackpots!

Rainbow Riches double jackpots !

For this month only, the beginning jackpot amounts in the Rainbow Riches Bingo room have been doubled. The prize amounts are currently as follows: Bronze – £100, Silver – £300. Gold £600! Have at it whilst the getting is still good!

3. £250,000 Winner Weekend

£250,000 Winner Weekend Gala Bingo

This is the big one that everyone is talking about. Beginning at 6pm on Friday 24th April and ending at Midnight on Sunday 26th April, Gala Bingo's “bumper pay packet” gives you the chance to win a share of £250,000 over the course of three incredible days!

Stay tuned to the Lord Bingo blog for more ways to grab cash at Gala Bingo and other top bingo sites.

Good luck!


2:02 pm Apr 14, 2015