Gala Bingo’s Top 3 End of the Month & May Promos

Gala Bingo Top 3 Promos April May 2015

3. Hot Slots £10,000 Promo

Dates: 21st to 27th April

In order to qualify for April's £10K Hot Slots promo, all you had to have done this week is spin qualifying slots between 21st April and 27th April. Once you're qualified, all you have to do to opt in is spend £10 or more on qualifying slots. Each additional tenner that you spend will earn you another prize draw entry to winning a piece of £10,000 in bonus funds!

2. £15,000 Miss White IGT Promotion

Date: 23rd to 4th May

Spin the brand new Miss White fairy tale slot between today and 4th May to win a piece of £15,000 in cash prizes. The Miss White IGT Promo is available on all Gala Bingo platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet. To earn your first prize draw entry simply spend your first tenner on the Miss White instant game. Each extra tenner that you spend will earn you another entry. Prizes are as follows: 20 x £100, 30 x £75, 100 x £50, 150 x £25 and 200 x £10

1. £1,000 Britain's Got Talent Gold Buzzer 

Dates: 17th April – 25th May

To qualify for Gala Bingo's Britain's Got Talent Gold Buzzer players need to opt in every week and spend a tenner during the night when Britain's Got Talent is on the telly. If the buzzer is pressed during the show then every player who opted in and qualified will each get an equal share of £1000. If more than one buzzer is pressed during the show then Gala Bingo will add a extra £1000 for each buzzer!

6:20 am Apr 27, 2015