GOSSIP BINGO to launch NEW site + Mega Promo rumours abound!

Lord Bingo always has his ear close the ground when it comes to the latest news and rumours in the online bingo world. This week some of Lord Bingo's most reliable sources have delivered some delightful gossip regarding the ever-popular site… Gossip Bingo!

Rumour has it that Gossip is on the verge of unveiling a brand new version of its bingo site. What exactly does this mean? To begin with, the site is supposed have an entirely new look with an all new layout, colour scheme and graphics. Although the current format of Gossip Bingo is well loved by online bingo players, the overall user experience of the new site is supposed to be incredible and even more enjoyable.

The re-design apparently also entails a completely new look for the Gossip Bingo mobile platform as well. Also, the Lord can declare with 99% certainty that the new version of Gossip Bingo will launch this week, if not today! Needless to say, this is mega exciting news for online bingo players!  Here's a sneak preview of what the new Gossip Bingo site re-design may look like…


…it looks lovely!

…but wait… there's more! In addition to the alleged re-design of Gossip Bingo, the site is also rumoured to be unveiling an unbelievable new mega promotion. Apparently, soon following the launch of its new site, Gossip Bingo will also offer new players free funded accounts with £5 to £100 in free cash already provided!

At the moment further details regarding the validity of the mega promo rumour are lacking, but be sure to check back on the Lord Bingo blog for more updates regarding the this and the imminent Gossip Bingo re-design.

8:29 am Nov 12, 2014