Joey Essex Hosts OK! Fun Bingo

OK! Fun bingo

In the biggest news since the ‘reem' celeb, Joey Essex (former TOWIE and I’m a Celebrity star) asked ‘who is the Prime Minister of Essex' , warned us that he is ‘well good at counting' and can ‘tell the time'– the lovably endearing celeb has joined forces with OK! Magazine to launch a FREE new bingo social game app, Fun Bingo!

Once again, Joey Essex is expanding his self-styled ‘reem' franchise and never fails to disappoint with his legendary quotes. So we believe him when he says he has ‘put his own reem twist on it' and the ‘fun, free new app is a real salty potato!'

Luckily for us, the fun-packed game features the face and charismatic voice of Joey Essex as the host and bingo caller in all his celeb glory. You can expect a larger than life bingo experience, where you'll be able to grab a unique set of collectible coins and power-up rewards.

You'll be able to play this fun-packed social Bingo app for FREE with no deposit to collect coins and not real money. You'll also have the unique chance to dive straight into the middle of the live-action. Instead of the computer doing the dabbing, Joey Essex will be calling the dabbing in real-time.

The idea of the game is to beat the other ‘reem' players in real-time and can collect rewards for your dabbing accuracy, as well as speed. The objective is to fill the lines and cards with dabs, and rack up even more unique coins and power ups which can give you a cool power boost to help you play even faster.

With this unique experience, you'll have the chance to roll like a celebrity, and soak up the glamour-filled life of Joey Essex by cruising through 12 exciting glitzy bingo rooms. The stylish rooms have been especially designed by OK! Magazine, and each bursting with celebs, glamour and collectable rewards. Or in Joey's words “The game looks totally like OK! magazine and I've put my own reem twist on it.”

We already can't wait to be reem and start playing!

12:59 pm Aug 31, 2015