New Bingo Sites ALERT: Quack Pot Bingo & Girly Bingo!

new bingo sites quack pot bingo girly bingo

Only a week ago Lord Bingo announced the release of the brand new bingo site Empire Bingo on the Live Bingo Network (LBN). This week Lord is pleased to announce the upcoming release of two more new bingo sites on LBN, Quack Pot Bingo and Girly Bingo. This will bring the number of new site debuts in 2015 to three and we're not even out of January yet!

Quack Pot Bingo is owned by a subsidiary of Gabcon Media Ltd and Girly Bingo is owned by 8 Ball Games.

However, in spite of the different ownership, don't expect anything too special from Quack Pot Bingo and Girly Bingo. Whatever the design of the sites may be, both sites will be running on Cozy Games software, as is standard for LBN sites. This means that the promotions and games will likely be exactly the same as the tens of other sites on the Live Bingo Network.

If the Live Bingo Network has become as predictable as we have come to expect, Lord predicts that each of these sites will probably have a £10 to £15 no deposit bonus. Lord also predicts that both Girly Bingo and Quack Pot Bingo will feature a 350% 1st deposit bonus, a 250% 2nd deposit bonus and 300% 3rd deposit bonus.

Lord and the Lord Bingo team really hope that the Live Bingo Network will become more creative with their bingo site network in 2015 and offer more variety in the promos in games. Featuring the exact same content on tens of white label sites is repetitive and incredibly dull.

8:40 am Jan 19, 2015