Ride into the sunset with Gala Bingo

Galala September

It’s September now, which means the winds have finally set sail on Emma’s luxury cruise-filled, high-rolling, sun-drenched Gala Bingo summer!

Though we weren’t quite ready to let go off the sun-drenched Galala yacht scene just yet, we’re a sucker for romance! So luckily for us , we can join Lisa in her new Galala video, set in a dreamy scene lifted straight out of a 19th century romance novel – when old-fashioned chivalry was still in style!

The scene opens and Lisa is dressed as a fair maiden, riding on horse-back through rolling, picturesque countryside filled with haystacks. Lisa is all ready to ride into the sunset in search of romantic riches and find her own Jane Austen-esque Galala moment! Almost immediately Lisa spots her rugged star-crossed lover, who just happens to see her too. At this point they both have a full-on dramatic Galala moment, before he tries to woo her with his charms!

This guy then tries every over-dramatic, hysterical gesture Lisa could possibly want to see while riding next to her on his horse. First he offers her a bunch of sunflowers from the field, before releasing a flock of white doves and then channeling his inner Picasso to draw a fully-loaded portrait sketch of Lisa. It seems to work and soon Lisa becomes head over heels in love!

At this point they share a romantic, larger than life, crazy in love-style Galala moment and are about to kiss. Just as we're about to say happily ever after, it’s at this romantic, perfectly-timed moment that instead of kissing him, Lisa hilariously yells ‘bingo'!  We're not sure if the bingo moment was better for her than the idea of kissing her new star-crossed lover, but we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Lisa!

Gala has also introduced some star-struck promos for September including:

Ticket To Success Giveaway

With this winning over there are over £25,000 in prizes up for grabs each week between 30th August and 26th September! There are 600 tickets in total for players, and even if you don't manage to score a winning ticket, everyone can be a winner and you can gain entry to a super private room to win up to £1,000 in prizes! Simply head to the City, Country, Metropolis, Martini and Royal bingo rooms to get in on the winning prize action!

Galala Passport to Prizes

The holiday season doesn't have to be over just yet, as you have until 16th September for a chance to book your trip to Galala Land. Every day you can wager £5 on a Gala Bingo Slot for a chance to get your passport to big prizes. These range from a trip to the Las Vegas strip, and a Center Parcs holiday to London weekend, kitchen appliances, paid utility bills or a big bonuses!

Check out Lisa's Galalala advert below:

Happy playing!

8:07 am Sep 6, 2015