Rock Around the Clock with Sky Bingo

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Get ready to rock around the clock with Sky Bingo! So you can blast your way to big winnings and scoop over £1.2 Million worth of guaranteed CASH prizes!

Rock Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock

Never one to disappoint, Sky Bingo has lined up a jam-packed schedule for the whole of April, that's sure to rock your world!

So, between 2nd April and 30th April, Sky Bingo has ensured that you won't go home empty-handed! There's more than enough chances to win, with over £1.2 Million in guaranteed CASH prizes, including £60,000 Exclusive Escalator Jackpots, Guaranteed cash prize bingo nights, super cool bingo and penny games and more!

With tickets as little as 1 penny a go, make sure you head to the guaranteed prize nights each Monday to Friday throughout the promotion, from 6pm to 12pm.

You can also snap up your share of the Escalating Jackpots every weekend from 5pm to 11pm. After the winners have been announced, the other half of this Jackpot will be shared with everyone as a Community Jackpot!

You can check the site for the full schedule, but make sure you're ready to rock, so you can roll your way to big winnings with Sky Bingo!

12:05 pm Apr 11, 2016