Spectra Bingo’s Super-Hero Makeover

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Spectra Bingo

Spectra Bingo has been given a fresh super-hero-style makeover for 2015. Gone are the old glamorous cocktail-drinking hostesses and the lip-smacking pink splash-screen. Now Spectra Bingo boasts a fresh, chic and modern interface to catapult the brand into 2015 with a bang.

The splash screen is now easier to navigate than ever before and offers an eye-popping mix of freshly-designed blue, green, yellow and pink colours. A group of super-friendly, animated super-hero girls and even a super-hero dog with a cape will greet you at the reels with big smiles and wads of cash. They are more than ready to lead you through all the hottest promotions, and help you on your thrill-filled adventure to Spectra riches.

When you roll into the Spectra’s super-hero world, you’ll be welcomed with a super-generous £20 Bingo Bonus and £20 Slots Bonus after you deposit your first £10. You’ll then be overwhelmed by a bonus-tastic set of daily, weekly and monthly super treats. These include specials like the £200K Sure Win Jackpot, the 2 Million Race, Grab a Grand, the big £10K, Spin-tastic Free Spins bonuses and Happy Hour Bonuses. You can also climb the loyalty scheme to become the Bingo champ and win more cash back, free spins and bonus treats.

Spectra Bingo offers a heavy dose of 75-ball, 90-ball and Free bingo adventures. You can also cruise through coverall bingo games, progressive jackpots and fun-packed bingo chat games with the Spectra Bingo community. If all that’s not enough, you can blast through your fave slots like Cleopatra and Starburst and Casino classics like Roulette and Live Roulette.

After taking the new Spectra Bingo for a spin, we think it’s well worth diving into the new site, so you can cruise to super-hero riches as well!

9:17 am Sep 16, 2015